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Creality Ender-3V3 KE

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Creality UV Rigid Resin White 1 lt


Creality CR-10SE 3D Printer

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Creality CR-10SE 3D Printer

Hands-free Auto Leveling
 Linear Rails at X & Y-Axis
 Dedicated Model Cooling Fan
 600mm/s High-speed Printing
 Input Shaping
 Hotend with 60W Ceramic Heater
 Compatible with Diverse Filaments
 Rich DIY Accessories

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Creality CR-10SE 3D Printer


Key Features:

Solid Foudation for Print Quality

The first layer printed by CR-1O SE is neat, firm, and uniform.
It is meant to take the print quality and success rate to a new level.

Hands-free Leveling to Get Ideal First Layer

CR-10 SE uses both a CR Touch and a strain sensor to do leveling and Z offset automatically the first time it is powered on.
It delivers an excellent first layer without you lifting a finger.

Linear Rails, Precise and Durable

The precise linear rails on the X and Y-axis have carriage slides containing ball bearings, making each move accurate, steady, and frictionless (0.04 friction coefficient*).
Built out of stiff steel, they will stay as new even after long-time use.

Effective Model Cooling Fan

A 12000rpm fan sends a strong wind via a U-shaped air duct to cool the freshly printed model section from three sides.
It improves the bridges and overhangs significantly and makes the details more vivid.

Optimal Quality with Advanced Algorithms

Input shaping: Mitigates the printer’s vibrations with a G-sensor for minimal ringing or ghosting.
Motion advance: Optimizes the feeding flow for fewer blobs and oozes.

Super Fast to Complete Print Tasks

Max Printing Speed: 600mm/s*; Max acceleration: 8000mm/s²*
CR-10 SE prints faster and better with Creality Hyper PLA Filament.

Reliable Direct Drive Extrusion

CR-10 SE features a “Sprite” direct drive extruder with two gears (1:3.5 gear ratio) that exerts a strong extrusion force of 65N*.
The feeding and retraction are exact and uniform, even when it comes to flexible filaments.

Hotend for Clog-free Feeding

60W ceramic heater encircling the hotend, getting the filament fully melted at a 32mm³/s flow*;
Bi-metal (copper+titanium alloy) heatbreak, great to prevent thermal creep;
Hardened steel nozzle, wear-resistant and enabling 300°C* printing.

Speedy Creality OS and Powerful CPU

Creality OS offers a responsive UI, and can sync data and commands
with computer, phone, and cloud in real-time.
It runs fluently based on a snappy 1.2GHz dual-core CPU and a large 8G ROM.

Wide Range of Filaments at Your Choice

CR-10 SE prints well with high-temp, high-strength, and flexible filaments.
No sweat to find a suitable filament for your specific model.

Smart Connection for Shared Control

Once online, CR-10 SE can be monitored from your phone (Creality Cloud APP) and PC.
Creality Cloud also includes free models and a slicer, and can send sliced files to print directly.

Make the Most with Creality Print

Our newest Creality Print, a self-developed slicer, has added many great functions such as overhang optimization,
variable line width, arc fitting, and data-secure LAN printing.
Now, your printer can realize its full potential in both speed and print quality.

Manage a 3D Print Farm with Ease

With multiple printers online, you can manage them in groups from a computer or phone with Creality Print or Creality Cloud.
It is easier than ever to start a print farm for volume production.


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