Creality Cr-M4 3D Printer

Creality Cr-M4 3D Printer


Creality CR-Laser Engraver 10W

Creality CR-Laser Engraver 10W

Creality CR-Scan Ferret 3D Scanner


Creality CR-Scan Ferret 3D Scanner

Creality CR-Scan Ferret 3D Scanner 2023 New Arrivals, An improvement over its predecessor CR-Scan Lizard. EASY SCAN & Support more scene.  More playability.  You’ll be able to use Ferret anywhere, indoors or out, to scan objects.

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Creality CR-Scan Ferret 3D Scanner

Wide-range scanning, and High-accuracy scanning
The two modes can be changed according to the requirements of the user.
Wide-range mode rapidly scans large objects. It consists of a single capture range of up to 560*820mm, covering a large area and allowing users to modify the distance for medium and large objects. 
Users do not need to apply anything to the objects prior to scanning, i.e., it tracks them automatically.
High-accuracy mode precisely scans medium-to-small-sized objects. It features a 0.1mm accuracy and a 3D resolution of 0.16mm, ensuring high quality and capturing more details.

Built-in camera with high-resolution color camera, Present the Original Color
Supporting to captures full-color textures of objects and present the original color of the object. It allows the users to produce high-quality, vivid color scans that “reflect the real color of the world that the users scanned.

Lightweight design and Support handheld etc
Portable and easy to operate, it comes with a stand that can be used in handheld or turntable models. Only 105 grams!

– Integrated Circuit (ASIC) depth computing chip to keep a scanning frame rate of up to 30fps for seamless and rapid scanning with little workload and lower power consumption.
– Compatible with computer and phone.
– Low power consumption so it can be powered by a 5V power bank, and even your android phone. Start scanning at any time.

Specifications of the Creality CR-Scan Ferret 3D scanner:

Accuracy: 0.1mm
Resolution/Point Distance: 0.16mm
Single capture range: 560*820mm@700mm
Frame Rate/Scan Speed: up to 30 fps
Color Texture: Support, built-in
Working Distance: 150~700mm
Minimum Scanning: 50*50*50mm
Light Source: NIR
Outdoor Scanning: Support Scanning in Bright Sunlight
Tracking Mode: Visual Tracking

Output Format: OBJ / STL / PLY
Compatible System: Android / Windows / Mac OS System [It will available till June]
Connection: USB 2.0/3.0

Scanner Weight: 105g
Scanner Size: 120*30*26mm

Creality has developed a special Scan APP and software to cooperate with CR-Scan Ferret. With user-friendly functions such as one-click model optimization, multi-position automatic alignment, automatic noise removal, simplified topology and color texture mapping, users can easily achieve a clear scan and complete the model.

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