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Creality – UW-02 – 3D Resin Wash & Cure Station

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Creality WIFI Cloud Box 2.0 With TF Card

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Creality WIFI Cloud Box 2.0 With TF Card

Creality Extruder Feeding Gear – Extrusion Gear Translation


Creality extruder Feeding Gear – Extrusion Gear Translation.

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Product Info:

– Exquisite Shape & Precise Structure: 54x50x64.3mm small size,266g weight.

– Exquisite design,perfect combination of extruder and printing hotend make more powerful functions.

– 80N Large Torque Design: The use of gear with 3.5:1 gear ratio which perfectly matches with motor makes extrusion force up to 80N (depending on filaments).

– More precise control of feeding withdrawal.

– Dual Gear Feeding: The double-toothed structure does not damage filaments, feeding is more reliable and stable.

– Customized Dual Fan: Simulation of flow field mechanics and dual fan design results in powerful heat dissipation function and more stable model formation.

– Easy to Operate, More Convenient for Pumping and Refueling: The use of labor-saving wrench design makes it more convenient and faster to insert filament.

– It can be applied to direct and bowden filament feeding to meet printing needs of users at direct and bowden extrusion.

– The extrusion is stable, and printing effect of TPU and other flexible filaments is better.

– Compatible models: Ender-3 S1.

Key Features:
-Small Sprite, Huge Power
-80N Large Torque Design
-Dual Gear Feeding
-Customized Dual Fan
-Adjustable Tension
-Multi-module Switching
-Easy to Operate
-Strong Scalability
-Compatible with Various Filaments