Flashforge PLA PRO 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm 1KG

Flashforge PA Nylon Black Filament – 1kg – 1.75mm


Creality CR10 Smart Pro 3D Printer + 1 Black and 1 White PLA Filament rolls

Creality CR10 Smart Pro 3D Printer + 2 Black and 1 White PLA Filament rolls

Creality Filament Dry Box


  • Heat and Dry
  • Strong Compatibility
  • Dust-proof and Moisture-proof

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Creality Filament Dry Box

Creality’s filament drying box takes the frustration away from having to throw out filament giving you poor prints due to moisture.

All filament absorbs moisture, the effects it can have on your prints are air bubbles, warped edges and high amounts of stringing. When this occurs you filament can be saved with a filament drying box, the box heats up and removes the moisture from you filament giving it a new life. The small hole on the top and rollers inside mean you can print while the roll is in the box, making it a great preventative and solution to any moisture issue.

Moisture issues can be much more frequent in humid climates and recommended in tropical areas.











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