Creality Standard Resin Plus Skin  1Ltr

Creality Rigid Resin Skin (Flesh) 1Ltr

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Hyper PLA High-Speed Black Filament 1Kg

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Hyper PLA High-Speed Black Filament 1Kg

Creality Filament PETG Black

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Creality filament PETG Black.

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Product Info:

– It has the advantages of both PLA and ABS filaments.

– PETG has excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance, no odor and non-toxic, which are friendly to the environment.

– With uniform diameter, it’s not easy to crack and warp.

– It can print with fine results.

– The filament can bend repeatedly with high elongation at break.

– The finished product has a fine surface with exquisite details

– CR-PETG is compatible with all Creality FDM printers.

– High quality filament creates delicate artistic work.

-Printing Temperature: 230C – 250C
-Tensile strength: 49MPa
-Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm