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Creality Heating Tube 24v 40w 6×20 L610 XH.254 2P


Creality Ender 5 Pro Cable Combination Package 1

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Creality GATES Timing Belt 2GT W10 L2000mm


– Creality GATES Timing Belt 2GT W10 L2000mm.

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Product Info:

– Lightweight, clean and maintenance free.

– Polyurethane material provides super load capacity.

– Patented fiberglass cord, no extensions.

– Easily handle extreme cold challenges – suitable temperature range: -40C – 140C.

– Bringing you the industry’s narrowest transmission solution.

• Precise second-generation circular arc tooth design.
• DIY modifications are easier.
• Fiberglass cords makes the timing belt have high tensile strength.
• It also has excellent bending properties and low elongation.
• Increase durability and quieter drive.
• Gates’ proprietary arc tooth structure provides higher shear force
• Also reduces noise and increases transmission power.
• Selected material make it ultra durable.
• Fiberglass cords have higher strength, lower elongation.
• The back circular arc tooth structure design has high flexibility.
• Its service time is 3 times longer than the chain.
• Nylon tooth surface reduces friction and is lubrication free.