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Creality – UW-02 – 3D Resin Wash & Cure Station

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Creality WIFI Cloud Box 2.0 With TF Card

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Creality WIFI Cloud Box 2.0 With TF Card

Creality Heating Block Kit High Temperature 300 Degrees


‘- Creality Heating Block Kit-High Temperature 300 degrees Celsius.

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High temperature hotend kit:

– Heater: 6x20mm, 24V, 50W, 50mm cable, XH2.54 connector.
– Thermistor: 3mm x 5.5mm cartridge, NTC 0.55k, 35mm cable, GH1.25, 2-pin connector.
– Heater block, silicon sock Heatbreak.
– Copper plated nozzle, 0.4mm.
– 2 x M2 x 20mm mount screws included.
– Assembled at factory.

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