Creality – Pla Filament Spool – 1.75mm – Grey

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Flashforge – Guider IIs V2 – 3D Printer

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FlashForge Guider IIS V2 3D Printer

Creality – LD-002H – 3D Printer

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The Creality LD-002H offers key features from past models, with additional upgrades that boost print speed, while also improving quality & convenience.

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Creality Ld-002H 3D Printer


When looking at the feature-set of the of the LD-002R, it’s easy to see that Creality have taken inspiration from all of the good ideas that worked on similar models within the price range. However, they have also taken a pragmatic and logical approach, and have given this little beast of a machine some unique upgrades that we weren’t expecting – but have been pleasantly surprised about.

So let’s dive into the key features of the Creality LD-002R that we love, which truly differentiate it from the many of the other awesome models available right now:

  • Intelligent Anti-Aliasing Function – If you’ve ever seen videos of or fiddled around with anti-aliasing settings in video games and video editing software, you will know that it is a clever technique that blends the contrast between distinct colours, using in-between pixels to act as shading and soften the edges and corners of images. However, until now, nobody has really considered using it for LCD Masking, and this simple addition to the processing has made an amazing difference to the print quality that this machine can achieve. Now, instead of each pixel acting as a single solid colour point, these pixels can now be blended better to create smoother layer lines and softer edges, as well as better 3-dimensional accuracy for tricky rounded sections.
  • Volume-Marked Resin VAT – This is a feature that is primarily included for user convenience and is really valuable for helping to reduce waste and improve efficiency. Each model that you print can typically be estimated to require a specific volume of resin, and the resin vats on the LD-002R are clearly marked to help you use the exact amount you need – and no more. And while some people may think that this simply reduces the amount that you have to pour back into the bottle, the truth is that the resin in a vat can’t simply be reused, and needs to be filtered before being used again. As such, using minimal resin translates to needing minimal filtration, which of course means a longer lifespan for the purity for your resin and reduced problems relating to microscopic cured resin contamination.
  • Simplified Semi-Automatic Levelling – Many people may not know, but the LD-002R is not the first DLP/LCD 3D Printer that Creality has produced, and unfortunately their previous models were not impressive, and as such we didn’t stock them because we honestly didn’t think they were worth the money. Fortunately though, Creality have taken all of the feedback from us and other users around the world to heart, and have fixed every single issue that we (and probably many other people) had with previous models – with one massive improvement being the bed levelling system. With this in mind, Creality have now created one of the easiest levelling systems possible for DLP/LCD 3D Printers, and comes pre-levelled from the factory by default. If you do find that you need to level the bed again, the process simply involves loosening four hex screws, allowing the machine to push the platform the bottom, and then re-tightening the hex screws. That’s it, your levelling is now done, and you can get straight back into the 3D Printing action.

As you can see, although the Creality LD-002R doesn’t necessarily bring anything mind-blowingly new to the table, it does offer a few fresh features that we wouldn’t typically expect from a hobbyist-grade DLP/LCD 3D Printer. These are all carefully considered though, so as to make the final user experience one of the best in the business – and this even includes the wide range of FDM/FFF 3D Printers that we’ve enjoyed using so far. From small but very appreciated improvements like the volume-marking on the resin vat, through to the semi-automatic levelling system which takes away the most common hassle of both beginner and veteran DLP Makers, the Creality LD-002R is a genuine bargain that is going to be hard for competitors to match.

So if you’re looking for an awesome hobbyist-grade DLP/LCD 3D Printer to really take your design details to the next level, the Creality LD-002R is certainly some of the best value that money can buy. Offering all of the great features from leading DLP/LCD 3D Printers over the past few years, as well as a few extra “finishing touches” to add even more value to print quality and user experience, this beautiful machine is your gateway to a whole new world of 3D Printing.

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