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Creality – UW-02 – 3D Resin Wash & Cure Station

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Creality WIFI Cloud Box 2.0 With TF Card

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Creality WIFI Cloud Box 2.0 With TF Card

Creality Release Film Fitting Package 297x210x0.15 NFEP


– Stable Release Force – Durable and Long-Lasting.

– High Transmittance – High Purity FEP resin.

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Product Info:

– Uniform coating, stable release force, good release effect for most resins, smooth and flawless surface, no wrinkles, scratches, bubbles and other defects, meet the requirements of various products. It can be used repeatedly.

– More than 95% light transmittance 3D release film has high light transmittance and light transmittance of more than 95%, which makes the printed products more perfect.

– FEP release film for 3D printing, using ultra-high purity FEP resin made of hot melt extrusion cast film. It has excellent non-stick, high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, mechanical properties, wear resistance and other characteristics.

– Excellent elongation performance, elongation rate up to 300%, good flexibility, 10,000 bending times.


1. High transmittance, more than 95% light transmittance
2. High ductility, 300% ductility
3. Good flexibility, 10000 times bending test
4. High temperature resistance, 200 degrees Celsius long-term resistance
5. Stable release force, uniform coating
6. High cleanliness, dust-free workshop production
7. Flat surface, no wrinkles, scratches and bubbles

Product Information:

-Product name: Light-curing FEP release film
-Product size: 200*140*0.15mm
-Package size: 217*169 mm
-Flatness: 0.001mm

Applicable models:
Creality/CL-60/LD-002R/LD-002H/ELEGOO Mars/Mars 2 PRO/ANYCUBIC Photon/Photon S